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20 Ways to Watch NFL Live Stream Online Without Cable

20 Ways to Watch NFL Live Stream Online Without Cable

Sports are the number one entertainment that many people spend so much time watching. In the modern times, there have been technological improvements in the sports sector. This has enabled all the sports lovers to be able to watch their favorite sports online. Individual’s living in the United States has plenty of options to watch NFL as it is being broadcasted on various networks. However, no need to worry if you are living outside the United States. Watching NFL online has been made easier, thanks to the variety of online streaming services available. Some of the ways to watch NFL lives stream online include;

How can I watch NFL highlights and full-game replays?

NFL Game Pass

This is an online streaming service that is provided by the NFL league. It allows the die-hard fans to watch every game. Furthermore, this service allows you to watch games that are live, as well as those which have been aired on the screens. This service is great especially if you missed the game while you were watching a different game. You never have to miss any game anymore, thanks to this online streaming service.


If you want to watch the Monday Night Football, you have to be tuned in to ESPN. However, if you want to watch it on live stream, on your desktop, TV connected device or on your tablet, you have to login into your television service provider. It will be impossible to watch from this live streaming service provider if you do not have a television or cable provider. It is the best option to watch the NFL games, especially if you are away from home and your television.

PlayStation Vue

This is a Sony Live television streaming service that provides access to all the other networks. You can also get all the NFL games if you subscribe to the PlayStation’s Vue core plan.

How to Watch NFL outside your Country


This is an online streaming service that provides coverage to individuals who are outside the country. A VPN helps you in dialing a location back in your home country, to avoid being geo-blocked. You also get the advantage of changing your IP address, so that you appear in a different location. The best and tested VPN and is currently available is the ExpresVPN. This VPN has an advantage of letting you watch on up to five different devices, and provides a 30-day money back guarantee. Moreover, it has  fast connection, hence fast and enjoyable live stream.

US mobile streaming

Many NFL games are available for free streaming via the yahoo sports app and the NFL app. You can watch NFL at the comfort of your home from your iPhone or iPad.

US cable network streaming

This is important especially for people who are not near the television to watch the live games, but have a cable subscription. There are many of the network’s streaming platforms such as the Fox Sports, NBC Sports and ESPN watch, where they can watch NFL. However, most cable network streaming services are not available on phones, because of the deal that the NFL has with the Verizon Company.

Amazon Prime

Thursday Night Football games are made available to over one million amazon prime members worldwide on prime video apps, connected cable devices, and amazon fire TV. This is also a live streaming service, with games available to subscribers at a prime membership program, which also allows them to watch freely on Twitch, which is Amazon’s streaming platform for gamers.

There are several streaming TVs in the United States that support NFL live stream online. Some of the streaming televisions include;

How to watch NFL Live Without Cable


The subscription package for this streaming television is $40 per month and comes with live local affiliates in some United States market. However, it does not have the NFL network.

YouTube TV

This streaming package goes for $40 per month, inclusive of NBC broadcasts, CBS and Fox. Just like the Hulu TV, this online streaming does not have an NFL network. In addition to that, this online service provider has all the mainstream local channels that are available. This is to say that you can now watch your NFL games every Sunday, based on how they are available locally. You can also watch your NFL games on your computer, mobile devices and other television streaming apps.

Sling TV

This is an American subsidiary pay television, founded in the February 9, 2015. It is an over-the-top internet service provider, which is owned by Dish Networks. Sling television is a compliment to online services, which have subscriptions, such as Hulu and Prime Video. It is also the best way to watch NFL live stream online.

Fubo TV

This service broadcasts live TV over the internet and does not require any cable to perform this task. Furthermore, not only does Fubo TV live stream the NFL, and NBA games, but it also allows you watch boxing, MMA and golf.


Ever heard of the term cord cutting? Yes, this is what they are talking about when they say cord cutting. This service starts with a subscription fee of $50 per month, allowing you to live stream football and other games, on your big screens or your smartphone with a streaming device that is compatible with your smartphone or television. Depending on the city you are in, you will get some Thursday Night Football, regular season games and Monday Night Football. When using this package, you get access to games that you are not able to watch on broadcast channels. Moreover, with a subscription to the NFL Sunday Ticket, you get to watch your favorite team, even if it is located in another city.

Fox Sports Go

This website airs a lot of games, and if you want to watch a certain game, that is airing in your market, you can just visit this site, sign in to you specific television provider, and watch the game on your digital service provider of choice. In addition to that, you can also download the Fox Sports Go app and watch live games from the convenience of your smartphone. You also have an advantage of watching the top sports highlights, and catch up on the most replayed and demanded NFL games.

CBS All Access

This online live streaming site has a subscription fee of only$6 a month. After paying the subscription fee, you can now stream live NFL games on CBS and watch other live local games on different streaming media players.

NFL Network

This specific network provides several ways in which one can live stream games. For instance, you can stream through the NFL application on your smartphone devices, apple TV, android TV, Amazon Fire TV, PS4 and Roku. Like all the other providers, you have to login to your television service provider, or pay a subscription fee to see the programs and games of your choice. The main reason why die-hard fans need to get the NFL network is that they will be the main television source for several NFL games.

Verizon Wireless

For all the Verizon customers, you can finally watch local football matches for free as well as all the other matches, which are being broadcasted on televisions. This includes the Thursday, Sunday and Monday Night Football games. However, you need an app to be able to watch live stream as this is only available on your mobile devices.

NBC Sports

As of the 2019 season, the NBC sports has all the rights to air the Sunday Night Football games. The games are live for streaming on the NBC Sports app.

Yahoo Sports

With the aid of a sports app, fans can watch their favorite games for free without any authentication. The live stream service provider has also extended to the Yahoo Fantasy Football application. As from the 2109-2020 seasons, fans have the advantage of watching their NFL games for free in an environment, which is fantasy-friendly.

Reddit NFL Streams

There are various places in this platform that can help you find and watch NFL games in streaming mode. However, the best site location on this site is the r/nflstreams, which offers awesome options for the sports fans. There are date links for all the games, and best ways for paying for the service in this platform.

NFL on Twitch

The Thursday Night Football is finally available on Twitch. You can also check on the videos, sign up to chat with other users and join the community.

Final Word

In this article we try to find out best option to watch NFL every game online with cable or without cable. If you need any other information just contact with us or comments here. Stay Home & Stay Safe.

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